Dale Hungerford – Self Professed IQ 144 Genius Goes On Gay Hate Rant On FaceBook

Dale Hungerford – Self Professed IQ 144 Genius Goes On Gay Hate Rant On FaceBook
From his facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1799876015):
Employer: Institute for Beam Particle Dynamics, Streamer Chamber Assembly & Research Facility
Position: scientist
Location: Houston, TX

Says Dale Hungerford (an apparent “mensa”?!):

“”@ xxxx ~  you can see cause and effect
beCAUSE we did not quarantine them sooner, now the people you mention
suffer.  As I said earlier, homos love to spread the misery, google the
gay dentist in Florida
who used to inject his patients with his own blood, killing people
because he wanted the government to find a cure for his own problem,
The homos also but AIDs tainted needles on gasoline pump handles,
hoping a motorist would stick himself.  I know all about gays and their
ideas. ” MAKE IT A NON-GAY disease, so we can steal research money from
legitimate disease research”  They have no problem killing other to get
their way.  They will break every one of the Ten Commandments
so they can practice their WEIRD immoral unnatural, and deadly sexual
perversions.  Homos are a pain in the ass, or worse.  Do not be
included in their defense.  Why do you think humans made flamethrowers
? There is no use for homosexuals, I certainly do not need them, except
maybe to hold targets at an archery range””


And I have the Facebook email notification to prove it…

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17 Responses to Dale Hungerford – Self Professed IQ 144 Genius Goes On Gay Hate Rant On FaceBook

  1. carlupq says:

    Dale [?S?] Hungerford info from MyLife.Com – the Vegas entries are 100% the same pictures as the FaceBook profile:
    Dale Hungerford 59 Las Vegas, Nevada Titusville High School
    Dale S Hungerford 59 Houston, Texas
    Dale Hungerford - Facebook PictureDale Hungerford

    So, is this next item from Las Vegas [same name/age/location] also the same Guy? Maybe – maybe not. I DO remember that he had all sorts of pictures of young girls on his creepy Facebook account – with captions claiming they were his girlfriends. No mug shot picture, unfortunately…
    Las Vegas Arrest Record for Dale Hungerford
    Inmate Name: Hungerford, Dale
    Inmate #: 1908554
    Last Arrest Date: 06/25/2010
    Sex: Male
    Race: White
    Age/DOB: 59
    Detention Facility: CCDC
    Charges Resulting from Arrest on 06/25/2010: Sex Offender Failure To Notify/Change Address
    Counts: 1
    Bond: $3,000.00

  2. carlupq says:

    Ok – it’s confirmed. This m’erf’er is indeed a child molester.
    Dale Hungerford
    Last Known Address: ###########, LAS VEGAS, NV 89119
    Race: WHITE
    Sex: Male
    Height: 5’8″
    Weight: 198 lbs.
    Eyes: HAZEL
    Hair: GRAY
    Age/DOB: 1952
    Offense/Statute: SEXUAL ASSAULT OF CHILD 14

  3. MaxTheCrystalSkull says:

    That is indeed Mr. Hungerford. Matter of public record – he molested a 13 YO girl – someone whom he had great power over. I know who she was, but will not idetify her directly as her life does matter, and continues. “m’erf’er” is far too flattering a term for this piece of scum. Good job of research, it’s good to have an ally in making sure the world knows exactly what this sociopath is. I just hope he sooner or later ends up in the general population of a state prison.

  4. jmcaul says:

    Max, what do you know of this individual’s original crime involving the 14 yo girl? What jurisdiction was it? Was there a conviction? I may have reason to know these things.
    thank you.

  5. jmcaul says:

    Ok. Max is apparently gone so because I have a very real personal and possibly professional reason to be concerned I looked into Mr. Hungerford’s background myself. I checked all public records I could find online, called the Harris County, TX court AND wrote to Mensa to determine what is and isn’t true re: Dale Hungerford.
    Here is what I found: Mensa confirmed his membership for over a decade in their Houston organization. While they do not confirm IQ scores, their MINIMUM requirement is 135 so his claims of 144 are completely believable. I have spoken at length with Mr. Hungerford in regards to scientific matters and he DEFINITELY speaks as one who has had experience in well equipped and funded physics research facilities worldwide. You CANNOT fake that experience. A fraud would not be able to speak with that level of specific detail and experience.
    Mr. Hungerford was, arrested and charged with sexual assault of a minor in 1995. BUT, HE WAS NEVER CONVICTED.
    TX has a form of legal limbo called deferral whereby if the charges are FIRST TIME charges and are WEAK, they will not have a court trial and they are not convicted. If they are arrested on the same charges AGAIN during the next 6 years they WILL go to trial and if found guilty of the 2nd set of charges, the 1st set of charges automatically defaults to a felony conviction as well.
    As Mr. Hungerford knew himself to be not guilty and also knew he would not ever commit such a crime he agreed to the deferral in order to avoid the expense of defending himself in a trial. The result was he has an ARREST record but NO FELONY CONVICTION. Here is where it gets really messed up (and where EVERYONE should be very concerned about an out of control ‘justice’ system.) His deferral APPEARS in other jurisdictions to be a conviction and thus carries with it the requirement to register as a sex offender.
    If YOU did not have a sex offender conviction and KNEW YOU WERE NOT a sex offender, would YOU REGISTER AS ONE??? which brings us to the damning photo of a dishevelled and scary looking Mr. Hungerford (the mugshot you have posted above.) At the time of his original arrest he was a clean cut professional mechanical engineer developing valves for an industrial manufacturing company. He looked NOTHING like the picture above.
    The photo above was taken in 2010 when was dragged out of his bed at home in the middle of the night while recovering from open heart surgery. By this time he had relocated to Las Vegas and was living with his fiancée. His landlord had run a background check, found his arrest record and erroneously reported him to the police as an unregistered sex offender.
    He had not registered because his probation in Texas had ended in 2002. Apparently in NV, it does not matter. Due to an overlap between state laws, NV considers even an UNCONVICTED person guilty for the rest of their life. This is an injustice.
    For you to post the above PARTIAL story about him because you do not like his opinions is also an injustice and a smear. Max, above who claims to have known the victim is a liar, probably someone who does not like Mr. Hungerford’s opinions and so wants to harm him personally.
    You may disagree with him about gays, that is your right. It is also his right to have his opinions which are really pretty harmless in reality: in case you hadn’t noticed gays have GREAT political power as well as public sympathy, support and acceptance these days.
    FOR THE RECORD: you may be too young to remember what gay activists were doing in the early days of the AIDS scare. In an effort to get federal funding (diverted from such diseases as stroke, testicular cancer, diabetes among others that affect LARGE segments of the population) gay activists WERE purposely trying to spread AIDS (a disease then known to disproportionately affect gays and spread by gay sex, a specific BEHAVIOR; thus affecting AT MOST 5% of the population if you believe the gay lobby’s claims of 10% gay, half of them being gay men, although more reliable figures put the population closer to 2-5% for both men and women.)
    A gay dentist in Florida DID inject a straight female patient (a young woman) with the AIDS virus in an attempt to get federal funding granted. The patient died of AIDS. The dentist was convicted of 1st degree murder and also died of AIDS.
    Gay activists DID duct tape AIDS infected needles to gas pump handles and other publicly touched surfaces to try and infect more people and gays DID have ‘AIDS parties’ of unprotected group sex specifically to infect one another and thus increase the spread of the disease. If you do the research you will see that this is true. It is all very well documented (although it’s been hushed up because it paints a less than sympathetic picture of gays.)
    Mr. Hungerford was very vocally calling out and opposing these things both in print and broadcast media at the time of the false charges and arrest that changed his whole life (and very possibly contributed to the stress that caused his heart attack.) He believes that gay activists who knew of him at the time made up the charges in an attempt to harm him. A number of them had the connections in law enforcement and the legal community to do so. Well, they succeeded.
    I don’t know if you are gay or not or what your motive is to smear one individual like this in your blog. However, your perpetuation of this story about him without checking the facts (just because you wanted to believe it because of his views on gays) only serves to uphold the arguments he made against the actions of gays that you objected to in the first place.
    Finally, It is a well known fact that true sex offenders are ALWAYS repeat offenders. The absence of any prior or subsequent charges on Mr. Hungerford’s record casts the final doubt on the truthfulness of the charges that became public record. If you are a decent person you will take this page down.

  6. carlupq says:

    Harmless comments, you say? Interesting defense – let’s review these harmless comments from Dale Hungerford – MENSA and apparent innocent victim of both dissenting opinions and an unfair justice system:
    “Why do you think humans made flamethrowers? There is no use for homosexuals, I certainly do not need them, except maybe to hold targets at an archery range” ~Dale Hungerford
    If this sounds harmless to you, then by all means Janet M. in Washington, please go out of your way to treat him as harmless. Maybe even have him care for your children/grand-children when you are away. I’m sure those rantings of an obvious mentally superior MENSA are as much a misunderstanding on my part as the apparent child molestation charge was. After all, I’m not a MENSA so maybe I just don’t get the harmless nature of death by fire/arrows to gays.
    Perhaps you are clouded by your Christian beliefs? Where in Christianity does it say forgiving needs to go so far as defending and making excuses for such behavior?
    And honestly – does a MENSA with an IQ of 145 REALLY have such a lack of common sense as to categorize the entire gay community by the behavior of the sick few? Do all Christians behave as you do – defending threats of physical harm against people and excusing the charges of child molestation in the same breath? Would I therefore on the same grounds (categorizing all by the few) be fair in saying all christian women in Washington are illogical and worthy of physical harm? Obviously NOT. I don’t need some vain MENSA title to know that.
    No, Janet M – this post will stay right where it is. After all – Mr. Hungerford made these comments publicly, and as he is a MENSA I can only assume he knew exactly what he was doing and said exactly what he meant.
    And you have the NERVE to call me unjust and say I’m making a smear. What about you calling Max a liar just because he hasn’t responded to you? Do you know Max? Did you ‘research’ him to the extent you have Dale?
    You’ve obviously spoken personally with Dale – you can deny it all you want, but you have intimate and undisclosed information about too much that isn’t publicly known (like the circumstances of his mug-shot). Do us a favor – take a minute to talk to the victim in Dale’s charge – and her family. Then tell us why were wrong to be suspicious, rather than lecture us using some illogical ‘repeat offender’ defense.
    FOR THE RECORD: I’m against anyone who is so ignorant as to use some mentally deficient argument that because a few idiots did something, an entire category of people who share some common trait/characteristic must also largely be this way and deserve a horrific death. It is THIS ignorance that I find despicable about Mr Hungerford, and now you as well. It is this ignorance that drives some mental midgets to violence against all gays, including those (the vast majority) who don’t agree with those wackos who behave foolishly and make all the noise.
    LASTLY – allow me to pose the same pointed question to you that you posed to Max: What do YOU know of the original crime? And how do YOU know Dale? Do you have a vested interest in making him appear an innocent victim? Are you related? Are you an attorney or in some way related to his defense? Or are you doing this purely out of a desire to be ‘fair’ for the sake of a stranger? If YOU are a decent person, you’ll stop making excuses for someone who advocates violence against fellow human beings and apparently exploits underage girls. I saw his Facebook photos of young girls personally – he’s creepy at the very least.

  7. jmcaul says:

    Well Carlupq (whoever you are) it’s apparent you’ve taken his gay remarks very personally and intend to use whatever you can to smear him. Whatever, it’s your blog and you’re the one in the power position here. He really struck a nerve with you, that much is clear.

    • carlupq says:

      Janet McAuley in Washington – murder comments aren’t gay remarks. Perhaps a little more schooling is in order, when you aren’t busy researching and defending child molesters.

  8. jmcaul says:

    You say he is a child molester. Prove it. The court could not.

  9. jmcaul says:

    By the way Carl in Florida, you make a GREAT Political Correctness Officer. http://www.freecannon.com/historyoftheempire.htm

  10. carlupq says:

    I’ve only been in Florida once in my life – on my honeymoon with my lovely ADULT wife.
    Thank you just the same, though.

  11. ALNoff says:

    jmcaul: I can’t really imagine what dog you may have in this fight, But, you might like to know that Mr, Hungerford is once again listed as non-compliant by the state of Nevada. I intend to do everything I can to determine his location and forward that information to the Las Vegas police. I believe he needs an updated disheveled, scary man picture. If you are such a champion of justice, perhaps you could focus on obtaining justice for those whose lives were essentially destroyed by this sociopathic sub-human.

  12. jmcaul says:

    Again Carl, I suggest contacting the Harris County court DIRECTLY. This link is incorrect. Mr. Hungerford was NOT convicted. The 3rd party link you posted even STATES that the information may or may not be correct. Either you are interested in the truth, or you must want to smear Mr. Hungerford for his views on gays. Here is the link to the court. You will see that there is an ARREST record but NO CONVICTION. By persisting in reporting verifiably false information here, you push the boundaries of legitimate defamation.

    As I stated at the beginning of this process, I was trying to get real information about this person because we were discussing a possible business project. As I would have been in close personal contact with him I wanted to get to the truth of these issues. I googled his name and this blog page was the FIRST result on google. Needless to say I was extremely alarmed! I confronted him about this and asked him to explain. He told me everything including denying all of the charges. I was still very skeptical and tried to get more information from Max here, when that failed, I conducted my OWN investigation by contacting the court itself. That is where I learned that

    One poster here asked what ‘dog’ I had in the fight. My ‘dog’ is JUSTICE. I am very concerned with what I have seen in recent decades as a blatant trend in law enforcement and our courts towards huge abuses of power and a system that is more and more slanted towards the most powerful individuals and which victimizes ‘small’ people. A recent example is the case where former Goldman Sachs CEO John Corzine ‘loses’ 1.6 billion and yet we are supposed to believe that this highly accomplished individual doesn’t know where it is or what happened to it…He has not had so much as even a slap on the wrist. Contrast this with a recent case where an individual was THROWN IN JAIL for collecting rainwater on his own property. Abuses like this abound.

    Pray the day never comes where someone powerful wants to harm YOU and files charges which are the equivalent of “Carlupq, when did you stop ritually murdering babies?” Finally, I would like to say that should it come out that in fact Mr.Hungerford IS guilty of the crime with which he was accused, I will be the first to say he should be behind bars. As it stands, I have reason to believe he did NOT commit this crime, the least of which are the court offered him a deferral instead of prosecuting him. If the evidence had been enough for a conviction, this is what the court itself would be saying.


  13. ALNoff says:

    jmacaul: I know this person probably as well as anyone and have known him since about 1981. I can tell you whatever you want to know about him. I will tell you straight up, from reading your posts that your current assessment of the man, in my opinion is very wrong. I would prefer to speak over the phone so that you can better judge my veracity. Here is a throwaway email address that will be valid for 30 days: iknowhungerford@hmamail.com. If you contact me during that time, and establish your identity to my satisfaction, I will tell you truth of all these issues from my perspective. I will check the address, but if it expires before you contact me I will wash my hands of this, totally. I would advise you, if you value your humanity, your money and your decency to do the same thing. Any contact with Mr. Hungerford, once again, in my opinion, puts all of those valuable things in grave danger.

  14. jmcaul says:

    Once again the trail runs cold. I accepted ALNoff’s challenge fully expecting him to follow through on his offer of information regarding this person and instead of doing so, he has backed out. All talk ALNoff, but you have no bite. I don’t doubt that you know Mr. Hungerford and probably have a dislike for him however you CHOKED when it came time to lay your cards on the table. All talk, no substance.

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