Sony PSP Version 100x ‘Fat’ or ‘PHAT’ Custom Firmware Modded 3.40 OE-A To 5.00 M33-6

I had modded my PSP in the past to allow for backing up my games as well as enabling a plethora of new configuration niceties.

Recently, I became aware that I had drifted FAR behind Sony’s OEM firmware revisions as they released their most recent version – v6.20.

It therefore seemed logical for me to update my Custom Firmware (CFW) to a relatively current version as well. I decided on the March 33 group’s release 5.00 M33-6.  The problem is, there seemed to be no workable path to update from 3.40 OE-A to 5.00 M33-6.  I scoured the internet and a few forums ( & and was advised that there was a bootloader that would do the trick – Hellcat’s Recovery Flasher v1.60.

After getting all the necessary programs & binaries etc I performed the update and VOILA – PSP is now at 5.00 CFW rev 6!  Life is good!

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