Time Warner Cable HD DVR Box Storage Expansion (1 Terabyte TB!) – Scientific Atlanta 8300HD (8300HDC) With Navigator Software/Firmware

I have now successfully expanded my Time Warner Cable HD DVR Box’s storage from the original 160GB to 1.1TB (Terabyte).  My DVR cable box is a Scientific Atlanta model 8300HDC and is running the ‘Navigator’ Software/Firmware. I went from 28% used to 2% used!

To do this was VERY easy:

  1. Purchase the Western Digital eSata ‘My DVR Expander’ (currently 500mb and 1TB versions exist): Click Here: Google Shopping Results for My DVR Expander 1TB
  2. Completely unplug your Scientific Atlanta 8300 cable box from the power source.
  3. Carefully unpack your My DVR Expander and (a) plug in the power supply, (b) plug in the eSata cable (into the drive AND into the back of the cable box) and (c) position the drive FLAT for optimal cross-flow of air through the vented sides
  4. Plug in your cable box and wait for it to go through its power-up sequence (goes back to showing time on display)
  5. When your cable box is done booting, power it on along with your television
  6. When the cable box recognizes your expansion drive, it will tell you it is not formatted. You are asked if you would like to format the drive – select YES (may ask you twice)
  7. After a period of time, the drive will be completely formatted and you will have LOTS more space for recording!

Good luck!

My DVR Expander 1 TB External hard drive - 3.0 Gbps (eSATA)

  • 8300

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