Final ‘Lyrics’ [skit] At The End Of BrokenCyde’s Song “I’m Sorry”

[beep]BrokenCYDE…what the f^(# was I thinking signing THESE f^(#ing guys?!

[beep]This is f^(#ing bullsh!t, dude! I’m sitting here listening to these b!tches, and they’re singing all gay and sh!t!  What the f^(#, man! I’m OVER this sh!t!

[beep]Alright, these motherf^(#ers – they think they’re cool, but they ain’t. They f^(#ing make stupid-azz music…

[beep]Walking around here in their funny f^(#ing clothes. F^(# ’em – they don’t even party with us, they don’t smoke weed with us, they steal our f^(#ing chicks all day long…

[beep]I just finished this f^(#ing Broke-azz-cyde record, and I’m so g0dd@m happy that I’m f^(#ing OUTTA here, man! PEACE!

[beep]I don’t know what else to say. The record just didn’t turn out like I wanted it to. I wanted it to be good.[pause] And it’s not.

[beep]F^(#ing BrokenCYDE? These guys better sell some f^(#ing records to make all this f^(#ing sh!t worth it! Crunk and screamo? WTF are people THINKING out there?! I’m not a fan…but the kids will like it.

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