ASUS RT-N56U Wi-Fi Router Suddenly Not Uploading At Max Speed [Slowed Uploads Down To 2MB/s] – SOLUTION!

I noticed recently that my upload speeds went from maxing out at 5MB/s (ISP limitation) to an average of 1.9MB/s – no matter which PCs I used and no matter whether they were wired/wirelessly connected. After plugging in my HP Mini direct to the cable modem [and getting max speeds there], I realized the issue was not with my ISP, but with my ASUS RT-N56U Wi-Fi Router.

The issue only recently became evident, as I was always able to get full downloads/uploads before. Seemed odd this would crop up out of the blue like that. But it is what it is, so I ventured to fix it right away.

I attacked the problem by first updating the firmware – was now available at the ASUS support website [ ] . This made no difference – upload speeds were still limited. I then tried removing any patch cables that led to downstream switches on my network. Again – no difference. I tried linking the router to the modem under a different port and with only my Mini net-book as a wired client PC – no change. I then was curious if the four new entertainment devices [TV, Amplifier & 2 Bluray players] with wireless networking could be causing issues, but after watching the ASUS’ real-time traffic monitoring [nice feature, ASUS!], I saw nothing was really taking up any bandwidth – not a single device at all. I blocked all devices but my testing PC, and still – no change. Nothing I did made ANY difference – UNTIL…

I decided the last thing to do before I returned the ASUS router under warranty was to do a factory reset. I did the reset, and plugged everything back in as it originally was, and the router took me through it’s initial detection and set-up sequence. I set everything back up again [what a pain!] making sure to get my settings exactly as they were before. I tried the speed test, and immediately noticed the change. I once again am getting consistent full upload/download speeds from all tests.

In hindsight, the only ASUS router setting I might have made that could have turned on some sort of internal speed governor was to set my XBOX and PS3 to ‘high priority’ via the client list. If doing so means that the ASUS permanently limits upload speed [by 60%!] for the other ‘NORMAL’ priority clients, then this is a terrible QOS (Quality of Service) solution. That is why I am discounting it as the problem. ASUS has not shown themselves to EVER be of that ‘shotgun’ approach before. Yet, I have to wonder… [leaving that priority setting alone now – just in case!]

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6 Responses to ASUS RT-N56U Wi-Fi Router Suddenly Not Uploading At Max Speed [Slowed Uploads Down To 2MB/s] – SOLUTION!

  1. I stick to turning off any firewall that might be in place for the internal network (and open all ports for outgoing traffic) then set a strong WPA key, so no one will get into my network (without a lot of work!) I do like the real time monitoring of the network speed that your router has! I would also check into a program called “DU METER” for bandwidth tracking on your computers, I have used it for years!

  2. Peter says:

    Hi. Thanks for the tip. I will also add the following:
    Under Advanced settings…WAN…QoS….Bandwidth Management – User Specify Service…User Specify Rule List, there will occur one or more lines/data in the table, as you have done one or more priority settings under Network Map…Client list. Delete this lines and you will have full upload and full download speed as the factory settings also will give. That means that there is not nessesary to reset to factory settings if you delete these lines/data in the User Specify Rule List.

    • Simon says:

      How can one do a factory reset on the rt-n56u router as my firmware upgrade though appears to gone smoothly but router never came backup to its default ip addresses so I can no longer get in. Please help. Thanks.

      • carlupq says:

        The manual lists two reset procedures you may wish to try…

        How to restore the system to its default settings?
        • Press the Reset button at the rear panel of the wireless router for more than five seconds.

        Firmware Restoration is used on an ASUS Wireless Router that failed during its firmware upgrading process. It uploads the firmware that you specify. The process takes about three to four minutes.
        To launch the rescue mode and use the Firmware Restoration utility:
        1. Unplug the wireless router from the power source.
        2. Hold the Reset button at the rear panel and simultaneously re-plug the wireless router into the power source. Release the Reset button when the Power LED at the front panel flashes slowly, which indicates that the wireless router is in the rescue mode.

      • Simon says:

        Thank you for that. I will try that again tonight. I did try reset with poweroff a few times to no avail. I cannot see the home page and it does not fire up its IP which I set to Hopefully if it reverts back to that will be good. I tried to connect with my network card from the laptop but the laptop cannot see the default router address. I will try tonight and respond back. Thanks for your help.

  3. Simon says:

    I tried both beth methods what you suggesed and it did not seem to work. I can only assume a fault in the router considering while I was upgrading the firmware it did not generate any error messages and should have come up clean. I will phone Asus and get it returned to them for a replacement.

    Many thanks for your help.

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