Motorola Droid Razr MAXX HD XT926 XT926M – Take / Tear Down Disassembly Repair Screen Camera Battery

ImageThe new Motorola Droid Razr MAXX HD XT926 XT926M is supposed to be nano-coated internally to avoid damage due to light liquid, but it is not very often that the liquid coming into contact with your phone is merely a splash or drizzle. Such was the case with mine. My phone sat in a dual cup-holder adjacent to a (unbeknownst to me) leaking Styrofoam soda cup. By the time I arrived at my destination, the top of my phone was submerged in over an inch of soda.

The phone worked still, although the camera had stopped functioning. By the next day, the phone had run out of battery and would no longer power up. So began my quest to crack it open and see what I could see…


– micro torx bits T3, T4 and/or T5 (my bits aren’t marked, but I believe these are the right classifications)
– micro screwdriver
– tough plastic prying tools
– [optional] ‘spudger’ too

(1) Removing the LCD Display – Touch Screen – Digitizer – Assembly
– we start by removing the only screws visible on the exterior of the phone – the two torx screws at the very bottom of the housingImage
– with the two screws removed, you can now carefully *SLIDE* (do not lift!)  the LCD-portion of the display *BACK* (towards top of phone) from the lower half of the housing to disengage it, BUT BE AWARE IT WILL STILL BE ATTACHED BY 2 RIBBON CABLES. The LCD assembly frame has slight hook tabs which make it only possible to remove it in this slide-back manner.Image
– carefully unplug the two ribbon cables from the main housing by sliding them FLATLY towards the center of the phone to disengage from the main-board.Image
– DONE! You have removed your LCD assembly! LCDAssy
To remove the front-camera, remove the two torx screws, remove the metal housing, and carefully slide the camera’s ribbon-plug UP from the LCD-board plug.
– to reinstall, just reverse the above directions.

(2) REMOVING THE PHONE MAIN-BOARD (to get to the battery):
– remove all the visible torx screws (10 total) INCLUDING those on the camera assembly (2), the ear-phone plug assembly (2) and the remaining six on the main-board itself.Image
– carefully unplug the small power/volume switches ribbon cable from the right side of the main-board by sliding it towards the right side
– remove the battery power cable from the bottom-left of the main-board by first removing the transparent gold protective sticker, then sliding the ribbon connector down towards the bottom of the phone.
– lastly, and most difficult, carefully dislodge the main-board from the back shell BUT also pry out the speaker from the top-left when you get room OR YOU RISK BREAKING THE SMALL CONNECTOR WIRES! You will hear a small pop as the speaker un-snaps from the housing – then it is OK to continue prying the main-board from the shell.
– Note the small vibration motor is on the back of the board near the speaker.

– The battery is merely glued to the back housing, but be careful in prying it out because it IS bendable, not rigid. Keep it from bending as much as you can.
– The flash module is removed by taking out the four miniscule torx bits that hold it in. Replace it in the same manner.

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6 Responses to Motorola Droid Razr MAXX HD XT926 XT926M – Take / Tear Down Disassembly Repair Screen Camera Battery

  1. Mike says:

    After you remove the metal housing from Glass/LCD do you have to replace the rubber seal around the housing when you install the new glass/LCD cover? If so. where do you get the rubber seal?

    • carlupq says:

      I did not separate the LCD assembly on my phone since it was working fine, so I really cannot say with any certainty.
      However, it stands to reason that if the seal is in decent condition, you shouldn’t have to replace it.
      In all of my research so far, I haven’t found that seal for sale anywhere – EBay included.
      Nonetheless, I would start by looking on EBay and save your search so you can monitor if one should show up in the future.

  2. Mike says:

    ok – it looks good.. thanks.. time to purchase a new LCD and hope the phone works again. Thanks again!

  3. Mark says:

    To remove / replace the LCD screen takes a bit off fussing with a hair-dryer for a few minutes on low power to loosen up the edges enough to get a wedge going with a flat plastic utensil that may come with your replacement screen parts, or, with perharps a thin metalic wedge can do the same.

    I started with thumbnails, then I could get my plastic utensil in-betwwen the outer cover and the inner LCD/Digitizer screen portion. After few moments of fidgeting, I was able to get some separation. The most glue seems to be at the top, near the Motorola label and camera window.

    Now that I understand the process better, don’t try to push out from the bottom, work the edges. The edges are where you need to be. This video was quite helpful — view from 6:05 on. — even though it is XT925 model, it is nearly identical to the problem I had replacing the LCD / Digitizer on my XT926.

    My only issue now is, should I reglue the new screen / digitizer myself or not… and if so, which epoxy / sealant.

  4. anonymous says:

    Thanks for photos. I have a odd request. I need to replace the 2 torx screws at the bottom of my phone and am having some trouble finding the right ones online. Any way you could post a pic of the screws used so I can compare and make sure to buy the correct ones?

  5. safia says:

    hi,there is problem in my motxt926m of touching screen and there is chinese language first i have to remove problem of touching screen then language but how?

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