Steps For Using SQLite Editor On Android 4.1 or 4.2.2 To Enable Tethering On Motorola Devices (Thanks/Credit To DroidForums.Net)

Step 1) Successfully root your Motorola Droid (using PwnMyMoto or the like) – be sure you are in the proper boot mode that allows write to the system directory (i.e.. reboot to recovery if you used PwnMyMoto)
Step 2) Install SQlite Editor version 2.0.1 (capable of having superuser permissions and browsing the root directory):
(A) from the Google Play market (currently $2.99)
(B) or download APTOID open market  app ( and then install Aptoid Repos & SQLite Editor
Step 3) Open SQlite Editor and go to the “Files” heading at the top. Below, you should see some text talking about navigating to a folder containing a database file you wish to edit.
Step 4) Make sure the “Path:” is “/”. If there’s anything after the forward-slash, you’ll need to use the back soft-button to move back to the root directory (ie. “/”).
Step 5) Click on the folder named “data”
Step 6) Click on the folder named “data” (again). The path should now display “/data/data”
Step 7) Click on the folder named “”.
Step 8) Click on the folder named “databases”
Step 9) Click on the file named “settings.db”
Step 10) Click on “settings”
Step 11) In the upper right, click the search button that looks like a magnifying glass. The “Field(s) to filter on” should be marked “All fields” – leave that alone. In the “Filter value:” field, type “check” and then click the “OK” button.
Step 12) Click on the line named “entitlement_check” to highlight it and then at the top of the screen, click the pencil to edit that line.
Step 13) Leave the “_id” and “name” fields alone. Change the “value” field to “0” and then click the “Save” button.
Step 14) Click the back soft-button until you’ve exited the app.
Step 15) Reboot your phone.
Step 16) The built-in Mobile Hotspot app that comes pre-installed should work now. To turn it on, open the app, and click “Mobile Hotspot”.

Additional OPTIONAL steps are:
(a) Configure the Mobile Hotspot app once you’ve turned it on. (click “Configure Mobile Hotspot”). Some recommend that you change the Broadcast Channel to something other than Channel 6 since most wifi routers are automatically configured to broadcast on channel and it can cause signal interference.
(b) Change the default Client (DHCP) start address to something different. If you do change it, make sure it start with “192.168.” The format should be 192.168.XX.X (where the ‘X’s are whatever numbers you want). Examples would be or or etc

Good Luck!

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