Windows Remote Desktop Client / Terminal Failing To (stay or maintain) Connect On Windows 10 – Fixes And A Free & Open-Source Alternative

There is a well known and persistent issue with Windows 10 terminal aka Remote Desktop client. The client software runs, allows you to initiate a connection, but either fails to connect or drops the connection – sometimes right away or shortly after.

After many attempts to fix this using suggestions from various sources on the internet – turning off smart card and/or printers option for the connection, etcetera – none of these resolves the problem across the board for all users.

There is a very simple free, and in my opinion, FAR more versatile and robust alternative client available.

Meet mRemoteNG!

mRemoteNG  is an open source, tabbed, multi-protocol, remote connections manager. It allows you to view all of your remote connections (Windows, Unix, Mac, SSH, other) in a tabbed interface. mRemoteNG is free, open-source, versatile, easy to install and easy to use. In my opinion, mRemoteNG is FAR superior to the default client included in Windows, so it is an easy switch to make and to keep in your ongoing toolkit.

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