Vicrtonix Swissbit Flash/Thumb Drive Pocket Knife/Tool – Original Knife and New Knifeless Jetsetter (Includes Instructions On How To Upgrade Original 1GB 2GB 4GB Swissbit To The Newer 16GB Flash Drive)

I purchased my Victronix Swissbit knife quite some time ago – seems like it was around 2000. It has been as reliable as we’ve come to expect for 20+ years with even the flashlight and pen still working to this day.

However, 1GB of flash memory has expectedly become outdated in the ultra-fast pace of technology. I started looking for ways to maintain what I feel like is the world’s most perfect pocket-knife.

I saw that Walmart was selling the newer Victronix Jetsetter which has a 16GB flash drive with an incredible engineering design of both a USB-A 3.0 (the legacy rectangular style) and the newest USB-C 3.1 connector.

As I had hoped, upon purchasing and receiving the newer Jetsetter, the USB tool shared the same removable design as the older Swissbit! I immediately tried the swap and VOILA – IT WORKS!

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