Wyze Cam Pan Stopped Working After Firmware Upgrade – How To Manually Downgrade The Firmware And Restore Function (with UPDATE 8/6/2021)

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I employ 3 Wyze Cam Pan devices in my home security system. I make sure to upgrade the firmware every opportunity and notification I get.

Recently Wyze released firmware (July 21, 2021) which I promptly applied. Two out of my three devices upgraded perfectly and continued on their merry way. Unfortunately one device took the firmware upgrade, rebooted and connected to the network properly, but I was unable to connect to it for live or archived video streaming.

It turns out I had to manually re-apply the original previous firmware. I was not aware we could even do this, but we can. Instructions for obtaining the previous firmware versions are on the Wyze website:
Release Notes & Firmware – Wyze

With your desired firmware downloaded, you will need a MicroSD card to (a) copy the firmware .bin file to the root, and (b) insert into your Wyze camera to install.

The process for manually applying a firmware update to your camera is also on the Wyze website: How to flash your Wyze Cam firmware manually – Wyze

For my Wyze Cam Pan, I had to download the firmware .ZIP file, extract the internal single .BIN file to the root of my MicroSD card, rename the .BIN file demo.bin, then place the card into the unplugged camera, press and hold the setup tab on the bottom of the camera while plugging in the camera, watch for the light to turn blue indicating a firmware flash is in progress – took only 3-6 seconds and then release the button.

About 3-4 minutes later, the camera rebooted itself and came back online under the original firmware and was working once again! I had to know if it was just a bad flash for the latest firmware that caused the issue, so I tried once again to upgrade to the latest firmware, and sadly it failed once again. So clearly this firmware does not work on all devices. 😦

UPDATE! (8/6/2021)

I can only assume Wyze became aware that their firmware update was failing on approximately 1 of 3 devices (if my anecdotal experience holds elsewhere), as a firmware downgrade was seemingly automatically pushed/triggered on all my cams. My daughter mentioned earlier in the day that my camera rebooted and went through its power-up pan-range detection where it spins around left and right – it scared the dog, which had her laughing and trying to calm him down.
As a result, I connected to my cams and was once again notified on each individual cam – including the two I had already updated to the latest – that I was on previous firmware and the same (July 21, 2021) firmware update was available.
I decided to give it a try once again, and amazingly this firmware (new delivery/build?!) works on ALL of my Wyze Cam Pan devices now.

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  1. Bij says:

    Thank you, this information really helped!

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